Big Bang Theory Action Figure!! Vintage Look

I'm a big fan of The Big Bang Theory.

I have season 2 on blu-ray,

 Blu Ray of The Big Bang Theory I have

Blu Ray of The Big Bang Theory I have

About the figure. 

Back in the 70's, the action figures had a certain look to them.  This figure of Sheldon has the vintage look that was common in the 70's figures.

This is an exlcusive for the website Entertainment Earth.

8 inches tall with a San Diego comic con style bag.

I actually had some of the old figures that had this look.  I had Batman and Robin.  And, with mine, the batman mask was removable.  But, it was destroyed when I was a little kid.

In the Sheldon figure, he is wearing a bat man shirt.  He kind of looks like someone from Devo. 

Or at least the hair looks like Devo Hair

Big Bang Theory Sheldon 8-Inch Figure - Convention Exclusive

Devo Hair!!!

You can find other good figures at Entertainment Earth:

That Devo pic above was taken when they made the album, "New Traditionalists".   My favorite song on that album is, "Beautiful World"

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