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I just got off the phone with, The Tech Guy, Leo Laporte.

I had a question about internet security, and he assured me that I did not infect my computer.

I've been watching his shows on Twit.tv, through my Roku box on my TV.  And, I had been a listener of his radio show on 640 KFI AM Los Angeles for many years.  But, today I decided to actually call for some advice.

On his Twit network, they have commercials for some good tech services and products.  I found out about my webhost provider by these commercials.  My website is powered by Squarespace.com, and it's very easy to use.  I don't know how to write code, and I have always wanted my own website, so, this is a great thing for me.  Plus, Leo Laporte has provided a discount for his followers to use when they purchase a Squarespace account.  You can find it on the Twit.TV website by clicking on "sponsors".

You can find The Tech Guy show at this link:

The Tech Guy

Also, there is a website containing information about the show:

Tech Guy Labs

And, for all the Twit network shows, you can find them all here:


Thanks again to Leo Laporte.

I use the Roku Box to watch these broadcasts, specifically the Roku 3.  I enjoy using it for Twit.TV, because it is very clear and sharp.  And, Twit.TV, lets you choose the bandwith on their Roku channel.  You can always download the actual broadcast straight off the Twit.TV website, and you get the choice of HD or standard download.  But, I like watching the Roku, because I can sit back in a comfortable chair rather than my computer desk.  You can find the Roku I use at Amazon:

The show that I called in, is broadcasted live on the radio from 11 am to 2 pm Pacific Time on 640 KFI AM radio.  The radio station can be found on your standard AM radio, or iHeartRadio online by going to the KFI website.  The KFI website also keeps The Tech Guy on the site for an audio download:

KFI Leo Laporte

I personally prefer the video versions of the show on Twit.TV.

Also, the Twit.TV website and the Twit Roku app have live streams 24 hours a day, if you like to see the content live with a chat room.  Or, you can download the shows to watch them later.

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