Beatles Stuff

I got my first Beatles record as a little kid.  "Hey Jude" on 45.

I saw Yellow Submarine on TV a bunch of times too.

I remember recently Paul was on TV, and on twitter a bunch of younger people didn't know who he was.  Kinda wierd.

One of the most famous appearances of The Beatles was on The Ed Sullivan show back in the 1960's.  I've seen clips of it, and there were super loud screaming girls.  When that song, "Hey Ya" by Outkast came out, the video reminded me of that Ed Sullivan show with The Beatles.

I know someone that saw a poster in England for The Beatles before they made it to the U.S.  And, he almost went to see them, because he said that they seemed like a band that he would have liked.  Little did he know that a few years later they would blow up in America, and he would start buying their records.

At Entertainment Earth, they have a ton of Beatles stuff.  I kind of like this pic they have of the Ed Sullivan performance.  A little pricey, but, I still like it:

The Beatles On The Ed Sullivan Show Framed Photos

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