Do you still have a VCR?

I have 2 VCR's.  I rarely use them.  But, I still have kept all my video cassettes.  Someone even gave me several boxes of their movies on VHS.

I like collecting movies.  And, I like to find ones that are no longer avaliable in any format.  The quality is definately low.  you can notice the grain in the picture, but, if it's an out of print movie, I will still watch it.

I watch a youtube channel called wetmovie1, and he was saying that there is an interest in VHS tapes for some collectors.  And, there are a few movies that are even re-released on VHS.  But, it seemed like those re-releases were rare horror movies.

One of his videos shows a celebration of VHS and a screening of a documentary about VHS.  I would like to see the documentary one day.

Wetmovie1 video about the documentary, "Rewind This!" at The Jump Cut Cafe

I actually prefer Blu ray over all formats, but, being a movie collector, I still like having different versions of movies.  I do the same with music, as I still have a large vynl collection along side my CD's.

I went to a used bookstore today, and they had old VHS movies.  I was tempted to buy a few, but, I had to hold back to save money.

You can find the DVD alone for the documentary at a lower cost than the combo.  But, if you collect VHS, the DVD & VHS combo is for you:


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