Hot Dogs!!!

I still eat hot dogs, even though some say they are bad for you.  My favorite place to go eat them are at Pink's.  There is one in Hollywood, and one at Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, CA.

Der Wienerschnitzel is not bad.  I rarely go there.  The chili is good.

The Pink's in Hollywood is open late, closes at 2 am, but, on Friday and Saturday they close at 3 am.  And the Hollywood one has a huge menu of hot dogs, but, the knott's one has much less choices for hot dogs.

I used to go the Hollywood one with friends real late.  But, since the Knott's one is closer to me, I mostly go there   But, famous people have been known to go to the Hollywood one, and there is a celebrity wall of pics there.

When I'm at home, I like to grill hot dogs outside on the BBQ, or just microwave.  But, I saw this toaster thing on Amazon that you can use to cook hot dogs.  If you read the reviews, some said it smoked when they used it, and don't recommend it.  But, a lot of people liked it.

One person warned not to use the hot dogs with cheese in the middle, because it oozes all over the inside of the toaster, and leaves a mess.  But, I like the retro look.  Kind of like the 1950's.  And, it appears quick and easy to make your hot dogs and buns in one toaster.  I think it would look cool in my kitchen.

I found this item by typing in, "retro hot dog toaster".  And, if you do that in Amazon, you will see a few other brands that make a similar product for cooking hot dogs.  But, I like the look of this one.  And, it looks like it would be fun to use.

I also remember that Pink's uses Hoffy hot dogs.  Not sure what Dodger dogs are made from, but those were very good too.

Check out the Pink's website, you see the celebrity wall in pics, and they show pics of some of the menu items.

Pink's Hot Dogs Web Site

Another place in Hollwood, on Sunset Blvd., is "Carney's".  The do both burgers and hot dogs.  Both are good.  And, the restaurant is actually an old train.  It's a cool spot to visit if you are in Hollywood.  I used to go there all the time.  I like their fries.

Portillo's in Buena Park is not bad, but, I like Pink's better, which is down the way from Portillo's.

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