Halloween MP3 Mixes and Vynl releases

I'm listening to a DJ set of music that I believe is a collection of pieces from movie soundtracks.

It's pretty good mood music.  If it's mellow enough, I can see it being used on Halloween for Trick or Treaters. 

Rendezvous Soundcloud Mix

But, it was recorded at a Bar in Los Angeles.  They host a night called, Rendezvous.  At, 1941 Hyperion Ave, CA 90027, Los Angeles.

I've never been to the bar, but, the music is interesting.  This particular set I'm listening to is on Soundcloud, and the DJ is from England.

It says in the soundcloud description that he used all vynl, and recorded it on cassette tape.

I also came across a soundcloud halloween set uploaded by a different person.

Halloween Mix from Soundcloud

Here are the songs:


  1. The Devil Has Possession of Your Mind – Flying Machine
  2. Found Love In A Graveyard – Veronica Falls
  3. Nightmares – The Creation
  4. Spider Cider – Thee Oh Sees
  5. Friendly Ghost – Harlem
  6. Shadow of Fear – Defektors
  7. High School Roaches – Bass Drum of Death
  8. Haunted House – Dead Ghosts
  9. Lazy Bones – Wooden Shjips
  10. Sweet Death – The Monochrome Set
  11. Creature of Doom – The Only Ones
  12. Splintered In Her Head – The Cure
  13. Werewolf – The Frantics
  14. Burn – Eddy Current Suppression Ring
  15. Werewolves In Heels – Thee Cormans
  16. The Creeper – The Ventures
  17. Mad Dog – Black Lips
  18. Daddy died on Saturday – The Outsiders
  19. All Die Young – Smith Westerns

I found this list of songs, and link to the soundcloud at:


They put out limited vynl records, and they are in Canada.  The sound of the mix reminds me of the 1960's, although I looked up Veronica Falls, who started in 2009.

While listening to this mix, I also stumbled on another record label that has horror movie soundtracks:


It appears that they are in England.  They have a cassette and vynl of the Halloween 2 soundtrack.

A while back I heard about the vynl pressing of the Halloween 1 soundtrack.  I was planning to buy it, but, the amazon reviews made me think twice.  People have stated that the recording is mixed in with dialogue from the movie.  I would rather have the songs alone with out the voice overs.  But, it's supposed to be a good remix of the tracks, and the art work is good.  You can decide for yourself:

I'm going through some more soundcloud Halloween themed mixes, and I'll post them up later.  They seem to be made up of movie soundtracks and dialogue from scary movies.  The one that I'm listening to now had part of the Phantasm theme in it.