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In the 1990's, a friend of mine wanted me to be a tour guide for her roommate.  Actually, it would be the sister of the roommate, and another girl.  My friend was going to law school in New York at the time.


I got a call a week later from the two girls who were staying in a hotel room on Hollywood Blvd.  I immediately told them not to go out on the street, because they will be harrassed by dudes.


They said, "Ya, we went outside and all these guys started asking us if we could go with them, and asking us for money."  I told them I'd be there to pick them up, and we'd hang out.


I brought them to the place where River Phoenix died on the sidewalk, The Viper Room.

We looked at the line to get in, and it was clear around the block.  The girls didn't care because they were from Connecticut, and they were happy to be hanging out in Hollwood for the first time.

So, as we were contemplaiting where to go next, some slimey dude came up to them and offered to let them in for free.  They pointed at me and told him, "Yes, but he's with us".  So, he ushered us in the door past all the people waiting in line.

They ditched that guy, and we huddled together in a packed, sweaty club, with no room to move around.  Too many people stuffed in that room.

Then, to our suprise, The Smashing Pumpkins walked up on stage, and played an acoustic set of all their hits.   It was so cool.

That night we continued to explore the town, and hung out for about a week or so.  It was a fun time, and I don't know what ever happened to those girls from the East Coast.  But, they thanked me for a great time.

I don't even remember their names, but, I have a pic somewhere in a shoe box of them that I'll put up on here someday.

My favorite video:

My second favorite video:

I'm listening to this album right now:

This is a recent video, but, they sounded kind of like this video in acoustic form.

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