The 80's and Freddy

It's 3 o'clock in the morning and I'm listening to 80's music.  It's making me think of Freddy Krueger for some reason.  He's such a big character in that era.  And, I am both a horror movie fan and an 80's music fan.

I have a ton of 80's CD's.  And, I have all the Nightmare on Elm Street movies on DVD.

As a collector, I plan on getting them all again on Blu ray.  Which you can find anywhere.  Amazon, Best Buy, etc.  But, I also come across some random Freddy merchandise on the internet.  Masks, costume parts, the knife hand.  All kinds of stuff.

Over time, I will probably display them here on this website.

I found this unusual poster.  Not sure if it's just a paper poster or what, because it says that it lights up somehow.

I have to admit, that I would put this in my house.  Wait, I can't tell if this is from the original or the remake.  It's hard to tell.  Ok, it's the remake version.

Sometime I will watch all the movies in a row.  I have done that once.  Kind of like a Freddy marathon.  But, I may wait til I get the actual Blu Rays.

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