Haunted Hotel - The Alexandria

Vintage photo of the old hotel on Spring St., downtown L.A.

Movie stars used to stay here, amoung other famous people back in the day.  There is a history of murder and suicide at the Hotel.

There is a ballroom:

Alexandria Hotel

Spooky stairways:

Alexandria Hotel

These days, people have parties there.  And, as my friend Carrie said, "They used to have rad raves there".

They have a website:

The Alexandra Hotel

You can live there now, because they converted the rooms to apartments.  They are very small, but, affordable.  I hear that downtown L.A. has been going through a lot of renovation.

But, years ago, it was a dump and dangerous.  I havn't been able to see the area in person, but, maybe things are getting better in downtown.  I still like some of the restaurants in the area, and would like to check out the area some day again.

I guess people have had haunted experiences there:


Below is a youtube video.  They interviewed two old ladies that used to go to the hotel in the old days.

Find Ghosts in L.A.

Good luck

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