My favorite movie

"The Lost Boys" (1987)

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I saw this in the theatre when it first came out, and it was great.  I have it on DVD and Blu Ray, and I watch it from time to time.  I just watched part of it before I got on here to write.

And, my nickname, "Lostboy", is not because of the movie, but it's sort of related.  I played a lost boy vampire in a haunted attraction, and was the first person to be casted as one of the lost boy characters in a vampire night clup inside the attraction.  The other Monsters at the haunted attraction started calling me "Lostboy" or "Lostboymike", and the name stuck.  This is me as a Lostboy:

 2004, Club Blood, inside, "Lore of the Vampire"

2004, Club Blood, inside, "Lore of the Vampire"

But, the movie helped me develop the character, as well as Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

I found the trailer for the movie on youtube:

There are actually 3 Lost Boy movies, but I have only seen the original, and the second one.  The third, I own, yet I have not watched it yet.  I saw all three in one Blu Ray at Target once, but, it wasn't there last time I looked.  You can get the all in one Blu Ray at Amazon:

I may get this, even though I have 2 of them.  I like collecting Blu Rays, and this is something I would like to have in my Lost Boy movie collection.

I wish that I could have met both Corey's, but, as you know one of them died.  My brother met Cory Feldman at a comic convention many years ago.  Also, Corey Haim actually called my home back in the 1990's.

My brother used to work for a major record label, and I think that someone there gave the actor our number.  He called to ask my brother if he could teach him to DJ mix.  My brother turned him down

In those days, I met a lot of celebrities.  I used to drive my brother to his job, and since it was on Sunset Blvd., I would see all kinds of famous people around town.  I also used to have an act at The Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, and hang out at night clubs in Hollywood.  So, I met all kinds of people.

Except for The Lost Boys.

My favorite song from the movie is at the beginning of the movie.  It's here on Youtube, listen for free:

The full soundtrack is also on youtube, listen for free:

You can buy the soundtrack on Amazon.

And the movie poster:

If I ever am able to get a home theatre together, I'm putting this poster in there.

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