Update for April 2018

Thanks for visiting us again at All Things Haunted!

We have been doing a lot of live video on Periscope, doing a lot of audio recordings for the podcast, and meeting a lot of cool people along the way.

Our video guy is able to push the videos in real time, and our social media team updates daily.

As for the podcast, I have been taking a while to edit, so, the episodes will be behind a few weeks.

Our latest content is Spookshow 6, The Queen Mary State Room, and Monsterpalooza!

With in all this content, we have spoken with:

Rick West, Creative Director of "Midsummer's Scream"

Ted Dougherty of "Murder CO"

Halloween Fashion Bags by, "Love, Pain, and Stitches"

The Trickster, scary clown guy

Thom Burman, SPX artist for the original, "Planet of the Apes"

Will Conlin, director of a new documentary on the makers of the apes, #makingapes

The Daughter of Boris Karloff, Sara Karloff

The son of Bela Lugosi, also of the same name

And more to come!

Have fun out there,