Update for April 2018

Thanks for visiting us again at All Things Haunted!

We have been doing a lot of live video on Periscope, doing a lot of audio recordings for the podcast, and meeting a lot of cool people along the way.

Our video guy is able to push the videos in real time, and our social media team updates daily.

As for the podcast, I have been taking a while to edit, so, the episodes will be behind a few weeks.

Our latest content is Spookshow 6, The Queen Mary State Room, and Monsterpalooza!

With in all this content, we have spoken with:

Rick West, Creative Director of "Midsummer's Scream"

Ted Dougherty of "Murder CO"

Halloween Fashion Bags by, "Love, Pain, and Stitches"

The Trickster, scary clown guy

Thom Burman, SPX artist for the original, "Planet of the Apes"

Will Conlin, director of a new documentary on the makers of the apes, #makingapes

The Daughter of Boris Karloff, Sara Karloff

The son of Bela Lugosi, also of the same name

And more to come!

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Fright Rags speaks on a move they made 10 years ago!!!

This video on YouTube got me thinking about the last 10 years for me as well.

My Father had a stroke back in 1997.  He was devastated.  But, with extreme hard work, he was walking again, and needed no assistance.  Disabled, but very capable of taking care of himself.

In 2008, February, he went down hill fast.  They wanted him in a nursing home, but, I refused to let that happen.  I quit my job to be with him 24/7.  My Mother and I did this until he passed New Year's Eve 2017 into 2018.  He suffered so much, and life was very rough for all of us.  He had 5 heart attacks, 2 strokes, kidney failure, amputations, and endless medical proceedures.  But, the time I spend with him was gold.

The doctors have told me that I kept him alive those 10 years, and that I should consider being a Doctor.  I did it for my Dad, not because I had a passion for Medicine.  I had a passion for making my Dad happy.

All my life I also had a passion for Halloween.  And, I love the designs at https://www.fright-rags.com/.  Especially, the classics Monsters.

Today, they put up a YouTube video talking about when the owner quit his day job 10 years ago to focus on Fright Rags, and the story behind the company.

This inspired me to keep working on this website, All Things Haunted.  I hope to have merchandise of original characters, and maybe one day, licence popular characters that I love, like the ones that Fright Rags has.  My favorite being the new Bela Lugosi designs that Fright Rags featured on their instagram (https://www.instagram.com/frightrags/).

For those 10 years with my Dad, I always dreamed of starting a business.  And, I wanted it to be related to the holiday of Halloween.  I would rather be with my Dad, but, I am diving in fully with this new website.  I have a few partners that are helping me out, and together, we hope to make "All Things Haunted" a brand synonymous with Halloween, and anything related to Halloween (movies, home haunts, haunted attractions, cool merch, ghosts, etc.).

All these years, I could not leave my house, I could not consume much media.  I had zero time.  Now, I can read books, watch movies, work out, go to cool conventions, and do things I have not experienced since 10 years ago.

So, thank you Fright Rags for the video.  I will leave a comment on your channel, subscribe, and I am looking forward to the new Bela shirts coming out.



Here is the video by Fright Rags:

Stay Tuned...

We just got back from the Grand Opening of The Cauldron!!  I will share my experience here on All Things Haunted in a few days.

Also, got a few more guests lined up for the podcast, which I am really looking forward to.  The studio is still being set up, and the technical stuff online has to be nailed down, so we won't have anything recorded for a little while.  But, everything is coming together.

Thanks for stopping by,